Kuroko no Basuke’s Quotes

“Life is all about challenges, There’s no point in living if there’s no one strong to play, It’s better if I can’t win.”~Kagami
“I can’t say the same for girls but I’ve never failed to return a favor on the court” ~ Kise
“Getting the ball in from up close is easy. Getting it from far away has true value” ~Midorima
“If you wanna climb a mountain, you obviously aim for the top but you gotta enjoy the scenery
too” ~Teppei Kiyoshi
“You keep working hard in order to win and you get better little by little, to immerse oneself in something you like, that’s what it means to enjoy something fully” ~ Teppei Kiyoshi
“So what? I’m always telling you. Whether it’s genius or prodigy, once it’s broken, it’s just garbage” ~ Hanamiya Makoto
“I don’t mind entertaining you(aomine), as long as you can handle it” ~ Kagami Taiga


– “It’s not the time to be scared. Of course it’s better if the opponent is strong rather than weak, right!” (Kagami Taiga) (chapter 001)
– “A shadow will become darker if the light is stronger. And it will make the white of the light stand out.” (Kuroko Tetsuya) (001)
– “Without strong opponents, living isn’t fun. It’s perfect if I can’t win.” (Kagami Taiga) (006)
– “Don’t you know the saying ‘Man proposes; God disposes’? First, you do your best and then fate will decide how it will turn out.” (Midorima Shintarou) (010)
– “It’s a Tournament that ends if you lose even once. Whether it’s the first match or the final, we can’t afford to go easy in any match.” (Hyuuga Junpei) (013)
– “But, being it a pinch… Doesn’t it fire you up?” (Kuroko Tetsuya) (017)
– “It’s not that the strongest is the team
that wins, The team that wins is the strongest.” (Iwamura Tsutomu) (025)
– “But there’s no meaning if you win alone!” (Kuroko Tetsuya) (032)


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