Lee Hong Ki Drops Out of “Fashion Killa”Due to Injuries

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki will be dropping out of
“Fashion Killa” due to the extent of his injuries.
On December 26, Lee Hong Ki’s agency FNC
Entertainment told TV Report, “Since [Lee Hong
Ki] will be needing a total of six weeks to make a
full recovery, he decided to drop out. Once his
condition is stable, he will resume his activities.”
“Fashion Killa” staff also made a statement the
same day saying, “After completing the first
episode, Lee Hong Ki was injured. We’re planning
to film his departure as naturally as possible.”
Lee Hong Ki dislocated his shoulder and suffered
facial fractures a
fter slipping on an icy road while out to dinner
with “Hundred Year Bride” staff on December 16.
According to his agency, the star is doing his best
to make a fast recovery.
“Fashion Killer” is a competitive reality program
where five talented stylists up with celebrities to
compete for the glory and title of “Super Stylist.”


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